Quality Assurance & Management Services


"Maintenance is an essencial part of our services. To do this we have the best means available." 

Martina Vallejo (Operations DIRECTOR, MADRID)



Industrial Means Maintenance & Quality

Flexible solutions that contribute to your business success, ensuring preventive maintenance, corrective and Quality Assurance of the applicable means of production and Specific Tools for Industrial application.


  1. Tools &: Means Maintenance and Quality Assurance in the industry of: Aeronautic, Naval, Green energies, and more.

  • Calibration

  • Periodic review

  • Preventive, Corrective & Full Maintenance

  • Means & Tooling Control with Associated Documentation

  • Means Production Following (Reception, Location, Retrofit and more)

  • Full Jigs & Tools Placement & Turnkey services

  • Special Machines & Tools Quality and Maintenance

  • Laser technology Special Measurements & Requirements in the NAVAL Services Industry

  • Equipment & Structures Guidance & Postioning in the NAVAL Services industry

  • Equipment & Structures Deviations Analysis & Correction in the NAVAL Services Industry

  • Stability & Placement of antennas and Special equipment in the NAVAL Services Industry

  • Antenna Stability Measurement (NASA)

  • Antenna & Astronomical Equipment Measurement (NASA)

  • Equipment Measurement, Positioning, Placement & Correction in the Renewable green energy industry (Solar & Wind power)



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