Quality Assurance & Management Services


"We use the most effective techology in each client to offer the best service ." 

Antonio Conde (Operations DIRECTOR, CADIZ)



Metrology: Special Measurements 3D

We apply State-of-the-art technological equipment, the most advanced software and special requirements in every industry we serve


  • Means Measurements & Calibrations from:

    • Production
    • Tooling
    • Computer Numerical Control Machine (CNC)
    • Digitalization
      • Tooling
      • Jigs
      • Calibration
  • Deviations Analysis
  • Dimensional & Analytical reports
  • Repairs & Corrections
  • Fine-tuning (Mise Au Point - MAP)
  • Digital Calibration
  1. TECHNICAL MEANS (State of the art)

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: LEICA Laser tracker; AT402, LTD500, LTD640, LTD800, LTD840, AT901-LR, AT960-LR, Total Station (TDRA), FARO Laser tracker VANTAGE, Portable Measuring Arms, Laser Interferometer, Theodolites, Optical Levels & Telescopes. Measurement instruments. Ultrasonic Device, Electrical Continuity. Marble tables, Calipers.



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