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Quality Policy


The management of MAVE has implemented a robust system of Quality Management (as Total Quality in all activities and all employees), which it supports and promotes with all its firmness, means and conviction, as well as a system of Continuous Improvement In all the activities of the Company, knowing (and demanding) that this will lead to a greater satisfaction of the client in the short and long term, greater employee satisfaction, economic efficiency and a positive reflection and positive impact on society In which we develop.

MAVE, aims to be one of the best companies of services of Quality for the aeronautical Industry of all Europe. For this reason, the Management has established as a priority objective the Excellence in Quality in all Processes and People of the Company.

With the purpose of describing the general policy of quality and the basic elements to guarantee it in a systematic way, the Quality Management System, established in the Quality Manual and in the Procedures and Documents that develop it, and whose guidelines are Of obligation throughout the company.

The management and each person of MAVE have as daily objective the continuous improvement, being the priority objective to comply with all the contractual requirements agreed with the client, as well as the legal and regulatory ones and to satisfy the quality demanded by them in the agreed terms , With all reliability and professionalism.

The management of MAVE periodically communicates these quality policies, as well as the results and composition of the company and to review all the operational functions of MAVE (annual meeting of the company, meetings and surveys of Employees, Client Surveys, meetings With Coordinators, ...)

Periodically, the Management reviews the behavior and evaluation of each and every one of MAVE employees, according to their position and function, evaluating their effectiveness and recognizing their achievements, progress and improvements.

The Quality System is developed according to the requirements of the standards UNE-EN-ISO 9001, UNE-EN 9100, UNE-EN 9110 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001.



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