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Environmental Policy


For MAVE, the Environmental Policy is a general objective for all Company personnel in any of the activities it is engaged in, such as maintenance, periodic inspections, verification, repair and transfer of aeronautical tools, verification of structures and aeronautical parts , Assembly of aeronautical components or quality engineering services.

MAVE Management recognizes the environment as a basic principle of its Business Management Policy. Consequently, it undertakes to comply with environmental legal requirements applicable to the company and with other requirements that MAVE subscribes related to its environmental aspects: generation of waste, consumption of natural resources and consumption of electricity. Thus, one of its priorities is to minimize the impacts of its activity and conserve natural resources, based on the principle of prevention. Therefore, it establishes a system of continuous improvement of its behavior with respect to the environment.

In order to achieve what is established in the Environmental Management System, management fully promotes this system and grants the necessary authority to the area addresses for dissemination, implementation and updating. Likewise, it requires all personnel to fulfill this commitment according to the responsibility and authority that corresponds to it in the organization. This generic idea of ​​environmental protection is based on the three guidelines for reducing, reusing and recycling, as well as promoting prevention against decontamination, guidelines that must be taken into account in each of the activities carried out by the Company . To demonstrate that there is such awareness will establish goals and objectives that will be evaluated periodically.

The Environmental Policy statement establishes a series of commitments that MAVE has taken with society and its environment, relevant to the nature, scale and impacts of its activities, products and services, being a public document available to any person Request it.



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