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MAVE is a Socially Responsible company and directs a fundamental role in the evolution of the business towards a sustainable development of society, either through its environmental policies, trying to reduce the negative impacts of our activity to contribute to the welfare of all, As well as through their policies of collaboration in the integration in the labor world of people with disabilities.

In order to strengthen MAVE's social commitment, in 2014, it will collaborate with the Adecco Foundation, a non-profit organization, declared to be beneficial-care, whose purpose is to include in the labor market those people who, for various circumstances, are at risk Of social exclusion. MAVE contributes both to the concrete results of Adecco Foundation's employment inclusion throughout these years of collaboration and to the activity of sensitization / normalization of the disability within the organization and global society, in order to achieve Be a more inclusive company within the social diversity.

Among the activities that our organization carries out as a socially responsible company and specifically oriented to the support of its employees, we can highlight:

  • Collaboration in the Adecco Foundation's communication campaign on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3), demonstrating its commitment to the normalization of these people.

  • Disability awareness / standardization seminars. In this sense, they have been developed since 2014 in Madrid, Seville and Cadiz Sensibilization / Values ​​sessions with speakers of first level with disability (Joan Pahisa, Raquel Domínguez and Pablo Pineda)

  • Support for families of workers in our organization: since 2014 MAVE offers its employees with direct families with disabilities the Family Plan Program developed by the Adecco Foundation. This is an orientation and accompaniment program for families with disabilities of employees of the Company. Through this program, skills and abilities that enable disabled people to increase their autonomy and employability are developed from the earliest ages so that in the future they can carry out an occupation or work activity and thus integrate into society and the labor market.



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